Who is Matt


Matt White is an Author, Speaker, Brand Specialist, Customer and Employee Engagement Expert, and Executive META Coach.

Born and bred on a farm near Pietersburg, Matt enjoyed a humble upbringing and scholastic education. He spent countless carefree hours playing with his Sotho friends and indulging in a subsistence lifestyle. In his formative years, there were few indicators that he would one day have a significant influence on the leadership, brand and marketing industries, moulding and shaping business executives into exponential leaders.

Matt studied information design at the University of Pretoria and is accredited with the International Institute of Advertising, Branding and Marketing. He holds a post-graduate diploma in performance and business coaching from UNISA, is an Associate Certified Meta Coach with the International Neuro-Semantics Institute, and has studied neuroplasticity in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology. He is currently enrolled in several continuous development programs.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Matt is regarded as a paragon in his unique application of neuroscience to the business model. His expertise in neuroplasticity, psychology, cognitive behavioural science, branding, neuro-semantics and systemic coaching influences his work.

Moreover, his spheres of focus comprise entrepreneurship, innovation, coaching, branding and leadership; he facilitates customer and workplace engagement and simultaneously promotes agility and adaptability in these contexts. As a neuro-integrator, he provides tutoring and coaching on what motivates these attributes, what discourages them, and how leaders can connect in the moment.