Are you assisting the leaders of tomorrow in addressing the relevant challenges?

In Collaborative Leadership, the shift in human consciousness addresses and focuses on how Leadership radically transforms organisations to allow effective teams to be responsible for their success.

Effective teams work together, collectively and in a dynamic relationship with the rest of the company. For those involved in developing leadership teams, understanding coaching practices and techniques is essential for enabling the best performance.

The Executive Teams and Leadership of enterprises globally are looking at the world through a different lens, and this question arises:
What is missing to make the profound opportunities of uncertainty, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity realise even more favourable results?

Other questions follow:

- How do we remain competitive and maintain an edge in this uncertain, rapidly changing world?

- What is the difference that makes the difference in ensuring that teams thrive in uncertainty, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity?

By enabling businesses to develop and as sustainability arises in leaders, a more in-depth capacity to apply positive psychology at the moment through self-regulation could further realise a change in supporting clients, communities and the workforce. But is this the only answer?

Together with other sponsors, MATT WHITE International hosts WELEAD in South Africa in November 2022. WELEAD is an International Summit for Executives and Teams where Collaborative Leadership as an effective strategy for the aspirational Social Enterprise is explored and implemented.

Meeting like-minded top business leaders enables delegates to learn, share and experience practical, science-based and well-researched methods. In addition, the interactive session allows your team to thrive despite the environment. 

The focus of the sessions is to assist teams, while remaining resilient, to work through the most pressing challenges they experience in their teams/businesses.

What is WELEAD?

It is a three-day Summit, hosted in the scenic Big Five South African Waterberg, daily from 9 am - 6 pm, during 16-18 November 2022. 

META coaches and Trainers assist multiple teams from different organisations to work in and through the strategy/problem/challenge/ and hidden opportunities.

As a result of the guided and facilitated work, the individual teams will leave with an integrated, consolidated strategy and solution that enables their organisations to reach their elusive key objectives.

Coaches and Trainers will hold the space and challenge the teams in their thinking, speaking, and behaving. Listening, supporting, and questioning skills are transferred to enable the leaders to translate the piece of work back at work. 

The ultimate reason for the Collaborative Leadership Summit] is to enable teams and leaders to thrive in uncertain times with the constraints of doing more with less resources to achieve higher in less time. 

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