S.U.I.T.S Book

People endeavour to build a successful personal brand and often they become encumbered by how they need to present themselves on social media. Why is this? For most people, personal branding refers to how they are perceived online and through their wardrobe. As much as these are important components of personal branding, they are merely singular facets of a successful personal brand.

Having an iconic personal brand is to your benefit, as well as that of your business’ success and to everyone who interacts with you. It further benefits the people who need to hear your story, have access to your services and experience the value of your increasing individuality and visibility.

During this journey you will learn to run your own brand which includes understanding:

  • the link that exists between your meaning creation and decision-making,
  • the blueprint that governs your brand and your personal mastery,
  • that you are in charge of your brain and therefore run your brand,
  • the strategy of identity and the pitfalls of which to steer clear,
  • the powerful resources you have to live your best life and be your ultimate self.

S.U.I.T.S.TM the book, is designed to facilitate a realistic personal brand creation filled with practical templates which will unlock the secrets that govern your performance and alignment to your highest intent for your life making it both achievable and measurable. If you are ready to take an honest look at yourself and investigate how you can elevate your brand authentically to achieve your highest and best intent, this book is for you.


S.U.I.T.S Workshop

SU.I.T.S.TM is an attractive and unique offering that resonates with individuals who are self-driven, highly motivated and entrepreneurial-minded. It embeds the most comprehensive personal branding program available, providing you with everything you need to know on how to create an iconic brand for leadership. If you are strongly committed to your development as a responsible leader, focusing on personal leadership, relationship leadership and organisational or strategic leadership, ultimately leading to performance, this bespoke journey is for you.

Iconic Leadership through Personal Branding

Matt White’s signature training programme for Iconic Leadership through Personal Branding and with it comes the opportunity for you to learn about, understand how to and practically apply:

  • Positioning and repositioning your brand.
  • Access your next level income by implementing the blueprint that governs your brand and personal mastery.
  • Connect with your customers and colleagues by establishing a strategy for your leadership identity.
  • Safeguard resources by avoiding the pitfalls in personal branding and leadership.
  • Remove your blind-spots in business and relationships by clarifying the link between your ‘meaning’-creation and decision-making.
  • Unlock the powerful resources.
  • Designing your Leadership path through your Personal Brand.
  • Becoming a Great Iconic Brand.
  • Increasing your Personal Brand’s net worth through Iconic Leadership.
  • Protecting the longevity of your Iconic Status.